I keep wanting to start a post with ‘nobody talks about…’ But you know what? We really do now. I think we’re getting better at speaking about mental health. Although, some things are still hidden. 

Like the spiritual, soulful agony of realising you must wear a happy mask sometimes most of the time otherwise those dear, present friends will detach a little more each visit. I want to have faith that they won’t but, as Stephen Fry says ‘it’s hard being friends with a depressed person’. 

Let alone non-friends, those associates, work colleagues who should don’t have a grasp on mental health and so the slightest mention of ‘depression‘ other than an abstract concept that happens to ‘them’ has them mumbling inanely about needing to ‘just get on with it’ or ‘decide to be happy’. 

Please be careful with any assumptions about what a smile means or even a laugh. We can be very good at fitting in to social situations then in the first moment we’re alone, feeling like the abyss has appeared suddenly at our feet… that’s when the grey sadness can be seen.