I noticed something today. 

I woke up at my sisters house this morning and I could hear a bird screeching. He’s a pet sulphur crested cockatoo that lives across the road and at first I clenched my fists and thought ‘shut the fuck up!!!!’…. then I realised that was all I could hear. No traffic or neighbours (disgustingly) clearing their throats through thin walls. 

Then I got up and went out to put my tent up for an airing. It was warm already and I could hear insects buzzing and cows in the field. 

In the process of putting up my tent I looked at the little room they have down the back that I used to live in – and then each of their children had a turn of calling their own – and I thought ‘maybe I don’t need to live in town’. 

I thought on this all day. 

There have been issues – significant issues -between myself, my sister and her partner. Things have developed and changed though, as they do. And I think this could be a truely happy space for me. 

I could have creative space! 

Green grass!

Actual frosts!

Not far to incredible natural beauty!

So. Maybe in August I will be moving out there! And this, makes me grin.