In a lot of ways I really don’t like myself. 

I absolutley lack self discipline. I’m wide awake right now, it’s 3:36am. I didn’t take my sleeping medication at 5pm like I should have. And by 10 when I remembered it was too late. And I didn’t bring my short release that may have actually helped. Am I addict to seroqel? FFS. 

And I ate so much crap today!! And spent money that I HAVE TO SAVE. 

Tomorrow is the annual countdown of the Hottest 100 songs, a big day for me. A favourite day. 

And here I am. 

Insomnia benefits;

  • I looked at a lot of shark pictures. 
  • I learned some more about Ariana Grande and her brother Frankie. 
  • I terrified myself some more with ideas of how bad things could get with the current American president. 
  • Goats. There’s a lot of them on the internet. 
  • Facebooks stalks!
  • I mindfully explored some mandalas in my closed eyes. As usual a high number of pot leaves were present. 
  • Dog cuddles with nefurew Albert. 
  • I looked up trypophobia. Again. Just to check I’m not imagining it.